9 Generative AI Applications That Are Impressive In 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a while.

Apple and Google have been using AI in their products for years, but it hasn’t really made its way into regular people’s hands yet.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce these new AI generative applications.

Generative AI is one of the most exciting and powerful forms of AI, and it has already been applied in a variety of innovative ways.

There are a bunch of really cool AI-based tools out there that are making people’s lives easier.

In this post, I am sharing some of the best generative AI applications to play around with.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a good understanding of the best generative AI applications worth exploring in the near future.

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Top 9 Best Generative AI Applications & Tools For 2023

The most powerful and important generative AI tools that exist today are discussed below. Make sure to check’em out.

1. Chatsonic : The Best Generative AI Application

It is a revolutionary generative AI application created to overcome all the limitations of Open AI, turning out to be the best alternative to ChatGPT.

It integrates with Google Search to generate AI content with the latest information.

Additionally, it can create AI images, marketing copies, videos, and respond to voice commands.


  1. Write factual content including real-time topics.
  2. No more typing β€” Just give voice commands!
  3. Generate AI-generated artwork efficiently.
  4. Create use cases for social media posts, reviews, and more.

Try Chatsonic for free: https://writesonic.com/chat

2. Jasper Chat : Popular AI Content Platform

Jasper Chat is a new AI-powered generative way of interacting with AI. This feature is powered by Jasper, a market leader in the AI writing space.

To help accelerate the adoption of conversational AI technology, Jasper built a chat assistant that can understand and respond to your requests.

Instead of having to think in commands or strict prompts, you can chat with Jasper AI and improve responses with each engagement.

Jasper Chat Features:

  • Jasper Chat has a familiar design that’s accessible for everyone and easy to use.
  • Jasper remembers what you said earlier in the conversation, which gives it a better context.
  • Create useful, applicable, and unique content generated quickly with artificial intelligence.
  • Jasper understands 29 languages, so you can chat in your native tongue, and then watch the AI respond back to you in your language.
  • Have fun! Chatting with Jasper is a joy. Explore what AI can do from writing poems, telling jokes, making a script for your skit, and even generating your daily horoscope.

Now it’s easier than ever to interact with your favourite AI assistant Jasper, by using the brand new Jasper Chat feature!

Try it out today: https://www.jasper.ai/chat

3. Chat by CopyAI

Chat by Copy.ai is another generative AI that is built for sales and marketing teams. It is the most natural way to interact with AI to research, get ideas, and achieve.

copy.ai generative ai feature

It can help you create sales emails, ad copy, blog posts and more all with real-time data.


  • Scrape websites for public data
  • Generate personalized copy for sales outreach
  • Summarize YouTube videos into key bullet points
  • Learn how prospects engage on LinkedIn.

Try it out for free: https://www.copy.ai/chat

4. ChatFlash by NeuroFlash

ChatFlash is a generative AI feature by Neuroflash AI content generator.

neuroflash generative ai

You can use ChatFlash from now to communicate and chat to get answers quickly. You can also generate meta descriptions for your website and blogs using this feature.

Features of ChatFlash:

  • Free to use
  • Edit, format or share the content you create
  • Learns from previous conversations
  • Chat with your own or predefined personalities
  • Over 100 Prompt Templates
  • Integrated into your workflow (SEO analyses, images)
  • Spelling and grammar correction included.
  • Rewrite and expand texts

Try it for free: https://neuroflash.com/chatflash/

5. GrowthBarSEO

GrowthBar is an AI-based content writing tool that specializes in SEO-friendly AI content generation.

GrowthBarSEO has a new powerful generative AI feature called “Chat”.

Just like your Jasper Chat and Chatsonic, this feature helps you to ask anything and get an SEO-friendly response in no time.

Features of GrowthBar Chat:

  • Great speed
  • Generate content with generative AI application
  • Full flexibility of AI content
  • Generate content for blog posts, press releases, social media, emails, meta descriptions, and more.

The GrowthBar pricing starts at $29/month.Β Try it here for free for 5 days.

6. Rytr Chat

Rytr is an AI-powered copywriting assistant designed to help you with your writing needs.

This new chat feature can help you generate ideas, improve your writing, and optimize your content for your target audience.

Just type in what you need, and the tool will do its best to assist you!

Here are some features of Rytr chat:

  1. AI-powered: Rytr is an AI-powered chatbot that uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to your requests.
  2. Quick and efficient: Rytr can quickly generate high-quality content for you, saving you time and effort.
  3. User-friendly interface: It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use, even for non-technical users.
  4. Customizable: You can customize Rytr to suit your specific writing needs, such as tone, style, and target audience.
  5. Collaborative: This tool can be used by teams to collaborate on content creation, making it easier to work together and share ideas.
  6. Multiple languages: The tool supports multiple languages, allowing you to generate content in a language of your choice.
  7. 24/7 availability: Rytr is available 24/7, so you can use it whenever you need to, without having to wait for business hours.

Try it for free: https://rytr.me/

7. ChatGPT

Meet ChatGPT by Open AI. It is the hottest trend on Twitter. It became one of the most recognized chatbots in just 2 months.

OpenAI, which counts Elon Musk as one of its co-founders, has developed a language model that is close to a conversation with humans.

It learns from interactions and processes information based on its learnings.

Additionally, ChatGPT is trained on Generative Pre-Trained Transformer architecture β€” the neural network that lends the β€˜GPT’ to its name.

Try ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/

8.Β Easy-Peasy AI Chat

At Easy-Peasy.AI, you can discover Marky, a generative AI application.

Easy Peasy AI is an affordable AI-based content writing platform that helps you break through creative blocks and write amazing, original content 10X faster.

With Marky, you can have a conversation in natural language and get the answers you need.

From generating impressive content outputs to providing you with helpful information, Marky is here to make your life easier.

Try it out today: https://easy-peasy.ai/

9. LaMDA

Meet LaMDA, a natural language processing tool developed by the leading search engine Google with 137 billion parameters.

It was built by fine-tuning a group of Transformer-based neural language models.

For pre-training, the team created a dataset of 1.5 trillion words, which is 40 times more than previously developed models.

LaMDA has already been used for zero-shot learning, program synthesis, and BIG-bench workshop.


The future of generative AI applications and tools is promising, and we can expect to see more groundbreaking innovations in the coming years.

From healthcare to finance, these tools have the potential to transform industries.

Two impressive applications to consider are Jasper Chat and Chatsonic, which utilize natural language processing to enhance content writing and SEO.

As we continue to explore the possibilities of generative AI, it is important to prioritize ethical considerations and ensure that these tools are used responsibly.

Let’s embrace the power of generative AI tools and use it to create better content for all.

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