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Mumbai, India, October 8, 2022, I’ve migrated my website to a new, easy-to-navigate domain name with the same great features.

I love .in domain names a lot but Google loves .com more!

There is no doubt that .com is the most popular and loved domain name extension in the business.

But, did you know that there are more than a million websites under .in domain names? This shows that there are a lot of people who love these domain names too.

Some of the famous websites like Groww, Amazon, Reliance Digital etc. are functioning with .in domain names.

Google loves .com. It’s the most popular TLD on the web, and it’s the preferred domain for 80% of all domains registered.

I love .in domain names too! They’re great for personal use and also ideal for local businesses in India.

A .in domain name is a good way to give your website an instant boost. With over 692 million internet users in India, any business that wants to succeed online should have a domain with this dot in extension.


Reasons Why I Purchased This New Domain Name was just a portfolio website and I wanted to do business globally. Hence I bought dot com.

Here are a few more reasons:

  • For global reach
  • Better SEO
  • Brand Building
  • Business enhancements is now

If you encounter any problems while browsing the website and can’t find an answer to your query, please let me know by commenting below.

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